New Tradition on Campus: Iron Chef, College Style

All four classes relax with Executive Chef Bill Griffin after the competition

Bon Appétit at Goucher College kicked off November with a new tradition for the campus: Iron Chef, college style. Representatives from each of the four classes—freshmen through seniors—were tasked with creating a delicious meal in a limited time frame not only for a panel of discerning judges, but for the entire café… during the dinner rush. That meant cooking not just for three or four, but for hundreds. Adding a whole new element to the competition, this certainly left the student competitors an appreciation of what kitchen staffs in college dining halls do three times a day, every day!

The sophomore class holds their own with a lemon pepper stuff chicken breast

Additionally, presented with such ingredients as chicken, carrots, potatoes, and rice, students were asked to tackle the question: How do you transform a montage of seemingly boring ingredients into an exciting meal for the masses?

With the guidance of Bon Appétit Executive Chef Bill Griff, the students responded with creativity: the freshman designed an asian coleslaw salad; the sophomores highlighted sweet potatoes & gruyére au gratin, while the juniors boasted blue cheese mashed potatoes; and the senior class featured a ginger spiced chicken.

Over 500 Goucher students and staff came out to vote on which class would win the coveted golden Top Chef trophy, and, of course, bragging right for the year. Their votes were combined with those of the judges, and the results spoke loud and clear—the Goucher Top Chef Championship went to this year’s senior class.

Congratulations to all the competitors!