East Coast Fellow at Duke University!

East Coast Fellow at Duke University!
Two weeks ago was college visit number three, Duke University. On Monday night, I went to the Dusdac meeting (Duke’s Dining Committee) and met with a lively, rambunctious group of students. They asked questions like “Just to play devil’s advocate, WHY should I care about those hens anyway?”
Another highlight from the Dusdac meeting was that I got to talking with an Assistant Professor/Nutritionist at Duke (who had attended the meeting), and she liked my presentation so much she asked me to come back and give a lecture in one of her classes!
Tuesday night was the Story Behind the Food event. The group was extremely attentive, and there was a nice range of interests—animal rights, reusable containers on campus, an enviro awareness group, on-campus gardens, etc. They asked well-informed, intelligent questions, and Nate Peterson, our general manager was great to have in the room. They also LOVED the food (thanks to chefs Mike Moroni & Andrew Craven!)– they were really excited when I told them they could take some of it home. One student, who apparently had come only for the free food, said through a mouthful of chicken and walnut bouchee, “So, is Bon Appétit gonna have events like this more often?”
Sarah McGowan, our marketing manager, deserves major credit for my Duke visit, as I could not have set the meetings without her!
Thanks everyone!
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