Dean Foods Denounces Milk from Cloned Animals

Samuel Fromartz, author of Organic Inc., is reporting on his blog Chews Wise that Dean Foods, the nation’s largest dairy company, has announced they will not sell milk from cloned animals. Consumers have shown in multiple surveys that they aren’t interested in products from cloned animals and Dean is listening.

In December, when the FDA announced they were recommending the approval of milk and other products from cloned animals we were somewhat taken back.  At Bon Appetit Management Company, we pride ourselves on being able to tell the customers of our 400 corporate and university cafes the provenance of the food we serve. The idea that products from cloned animals could be approved to enter our food system without any labeling is quite frightening.

I’m interested in what you have to think about the idea of milk from cloned animals. Does it worry you? Or, is this progress?

– Maisie Greenawalt, Director of Communications & Strategic Initiatives