Bon Appetit’s Low Carbon Diet Attracts Attention

When we announced Bon Appetit Management Company’s new approach to curbing climate change, the Low Carbon Diet, of course we hoped that people would take notice. We were thrilled, however, with the wide range of coverage that the story garnered.

Prior to our announcement, the message that food choices have a great impact on climate change had not been put forward in the mainstream media. There has been plenty of instructions to consumers to change light bulbs and drive less but not much attention to the food choices we make everyday. Thankfully the Low Carbon Diet is changing that discussion.

In addition to great pieces on CNN’s In the Money and CNN Radio, the Low Carbon Diet was featured in newspapers, blogs, and TV shows around the country…

In addition to the great PR for Bon Appetit, we’re happy to see consumers being given simple advice that they can use to reduce carbon emissions. After all, we all eat!

Maisie Greenawalt, Director of Communications & Strategic Initiatives