Wellness @ Bon Appétit

Taking wellness to where our guests are — online

Wellness @ Bon Appétit is our suite of new and refreshed wellness education materials and activities for our guest-facing websites. From fueling our guests for their best performance to helping them understand how their gut affects their health to learning to make more sustainable food choices, we cover it all. Our team of registered dietitians updates our library biweekly with emerging topics in nutrition and wellness, some of which we also publish on our company blog. These include The Buzz, a series of short articles designed to tell guests what they really need to know about timely topics in food and nutrition; answering guests’ questions in a monthly Wellness Tips column; creating digital health-related events; and sharing delicious healthy recipes.

The Wellness @ Bon Appétit materials have resulted in a 26 percent increase in traffic to our guest-facing wellness pages. From reaching our clients’ employees or students where they are (online!) to giving subtle small nudges toward the healthy options, we nourish a culture of wellness.

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