The Bon Appétit Foragers Program

Seeking out small-scale producers and building regional foodsheds

Our chefs have always considered it part of their jobs to seek out the best, most flavorful, local ingredients, and Farm to Fork has been embedded in our operating philosophy since 1999.

To help meet our goal of supporting 1,000 Farm to Fork suppliers by the end of 2010 (which we handily surpassed!), we appointed a dozen-plus “foragers” within Bon Appétit. Drawn from the ranks of our chefs and managers, the foragers are located in each of the different regions of the country that we serve. They are tasked with discovering the best small-scale farmers and food producers in their regions and helping their fellow chefs bring these local products into their cafés.

The foragers’ work inspires our chefs to think creatively, about unusual heirloom vegetables and utilizing whole animals. By dedicating staff time to discovering new suppliers, we hope to continue to help more small producers scale their businesses.

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