MESQUITE MAGIC AT MIM: Arizona-Grown Mesquite Flour Quesadillas with Crow’s Dairy Goat Cheese Curds, Two Wash Ranch Chicken, and Maya’s Farm Organic Squash Blossoms served by Executive Chef/Regional Forager Chris Lenza and Baker Yesenia Perrino at Café Allegro at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix. Chris and Yesenia make their own nixtamal for the tortillas using local heirloom corn then mix in the mesquite flour (which is milled from the husks of dried mesquite pods, has a low glycemic index, and a nutty flavor) to make the tortilla maseca (corn flour masa). Yesenia taught the technique to Chris, a process she learned from her grandmother that is common in the Sonora region of Mexico.

*Seafood from within 500 miles is allowed if caught/raised by a registered Bon Appétit Fish to Fork vendor.