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  • News Phoenix New Times

Get to know Executive Chef Edward Farrow, who self-describes as passionate, focused, hospitable, and patient. His culinary paths have all led to Bon Appétit Management Company’s compatible values.

  • News Edible Silicon Valley

Thanks to the 151 million meals it served nationwide last year—45 million in Silicon Valley alone, where it has 156 registered Farm to Fork vendors (out of more than 1,050 total)—and its profound impact on food services globally, Bon Appétit is truly changing the world all along the food chain.

  • News CNBC

Jon Fortt takes an inside look at the catering world of Silicon Valley’s hottest player.

  • News The New York Times

Mark Bittman visits several Bon Appétit cafés and tells why he thinks we’re the future of institutional food service.