Students rally for Most Vegetarian-Friendly College title

In my role here at Bon Appetit, I focus on communications to the customers who eat in our cafés. It’s always interesting to me when we hear back from these customers about the issues that motivate and inspire them. This year, students at American University and Wesleyan University were loud and clear as they rallied for their cafés to be awarded the Most Vegetarian-Friendly College for 2008.

For the third year in a row, Peta2, the youth division of the animal rights organization PETA, has awarded the title of Most Vegetarian-Friendly College to the winner of an online election. Students at both American and Wesleyan were active in their support for their cafés – they displayed banners and posters and got the word out to get their fellow students to vote. In the end, American University won this year’s title, as a result of unprecedented levels of voting.

The voting was conducted in a series of rounds, with a system of elimination that whittled down the pool from 32 finalists to a final vote-off between two schools. I thought it was a particularly notable achievement that the final two contenders, American and Wesleyan, were both Bon Appétit schools. It seems that whether it’s spicy seitan in miso broth with noodles at American or barbecued tempeh wraps at Wesleyan, offering varied and extensive vegan and vegetarian dishes is one issue that certainly gets people motivated!

– Brad Thompson, Field Marketing Manager