VIDEO: Dining at Colorado College is Not Cancelled

Three Colorado College international students — Xintong Liu, Sam Wang, and Robert Yan — who have remained on campus in Colorado Springs have been making a moving documentary series called [2020 Cancelled]. For their fifth episode, “Behind the Kitchen [2020 (Not) Cancelled],” they asked permission to film at Rastall Dining Hall, where Bon Appétit Executive Chef Cody Rodgers and a small team continue to make and serve from-scratch meals.

“Food is not only a necessity, it’s a comfort. That’s one of the reasons I love cooking: I can literally turn someone’s day around through a great meal,” Cody tells them.

Watch it now:

“It’s been a very different and also stressful time for all of us, and we are all so grateful that you and your team help keeping the dining possible for all the on-campus students,” wrote Xintong in an email.

Thank YOU Xintong, Sam, and Robert for capturing this moment in time for Bon Appétit.