St. Mary’s College “COVID Students” Bid Grateful Farewell to Bon Appétit Team 

Colage of handwritten thank you messages

General Manager David Sansotta (front) with Sous Chefs Morgan Warren and William Mohica and Utility Worker James Sewell

The end of the spring semester is always an emotional time on college campuses, but even more so this year, with the pandemic having sent all but a few students home. At St. Mary’s College of Maryland, those remaining on the St. Mary’s City campus call themselves “the COVID students.” As they were getting ready to leave for the summer, they sent this very special thank-you card to the Bon Appétit team, with messages such as “You all have given me something to look forward to every day” and “Your meals are clearly made with love, and we love you all too.”

“It brought tears to our eyes to read how the students feel about Bon Appétit here at St. Mary’s College,” said General Manager David Sansotta. “This makes us so happy to be part of the Bon Appétit family.”

Girls holding bags and smiling
In return, David, Sous Chefs Morgan Warren and William Mohica, and Utility Worker James Sewell put together a little farewell gift for all the students — a Bon Appétit cup full of candy and a Bon Appétit bag to take with them on their next adventure.
Students with bags