Roasted Cumin Cauliflower

By Kristen Rasmussen, MS, RD

For this month’s Well Being Challenge, we encourage you to seek out a synergistic food combination once a day for one week.

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Roasted Cumin Cauliflower

Compounds found in cruciferous vegetables, such as cauliflower, broccoli and Brussels Sprouts, are more effective at cancer prevention when eaten together in the whole food rather than individually, as is found in supplements.

Serves 4


1 head of cauliflower
2-3 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
3 cloves garlic, minced
1/2 teaspoon salt, optional
Juice from 1/2 lemon

To Prepare

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Cut cauliflower into florets and place in baking dish in a single layer.

Drizzle with olive oil until evenly coated. Toss in garlic, cumin, salt, and lemon juice.

Cook for 25-30 minutes, until cauliflower has slightly browned. Toss halfway through cooking if needed.