“We Appreciate Beyond Words the Challenges You Are Taking On,” Writes Carleton Student Association

Carleton College Executive Sous Chef Vale Riggs, General Manager Katie McKenna, and Director of Operations Kimberly Driesch

General Manager Katie McKenna and the Bon Appétit team at Carleton College in Northfield, MN, were touched to be included in a letter sent to the college’s staff by the student association.

Dear Carleton Staff,

We wanted to reach out to you all and say that we are thinking of you and your loved ones during this time. While we have certainly experienced a lot of changes in our classes, we cannot even begin to imagine the impact our world’s current crisis has had on each of you. Please know that we see everything you all are doing, appreciate the sacrifices you are making, and acknowledge the hardships this has created for so many of you.

…To our Bon App staff, many of you come to Carleton every day during this pandemic to prepare and serve food for those of us who are here. Not only do you leave your homes and families to do this for us, but you also go the extra mile to show friendliness and kindness to us at every single meal. We appreciate beyond words the challenges you are taking on during this already difficult time in order to support us, both during spring break and now during spring term. To those of you who are working remotely right now, we are so thankful for all that you have done and continue to do to support us, and we cannot wait for a time when we can all be back on campus in the fall. Students could not stay on campus without your help, whether you are working at Carleton or remotely, and for that we thank you so much.…

With clean hands and six feet of love,

The Carleton Student Association (CSA) <3