Milk can be healthy again. The industry just needs some push!

In 2002, we implemented an initiative to remove from all of our cafés, milk that came from cows that were treated with rGBH (recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone). And, for the most part we have been able to do this except for some gaps on the East where milk free of rGBH just isn’t available in the quantities we need.   When we implemented this initiative, we started a discussion with representatives from Dean Foods, the largest milk producer in the US and our main supplier.  Our “ask” was for s solutions to fill those gaps so that all of our guests across the country could enjoy the benefit of a healthier milk product.  Good discussion. Some surprising interest. Unfortunately no follow up.  Today, we still have some gaps and we are still pushing.

I read recently that Dean Food has opened a production plant that will not accept milk treated with rGBH.  This is a good sign!  I suspect that more milk producing companies will want to follow suit, especially when they also have to compete with the growing trend towards organic milk. Some things just take time, more time then we’d like. But now more then ever, is the time to continue putting on the pressure, especially students on college and university campuses. You guys and gals drink a lot of milk! Push to make it healthier.  Check this site out: Food and Water Watch

Marc Zammit, Director of Culinary Support & Development