Claire Cummings

Claire Cummings

Waste Specialist

Claire Cummings started her Bon Appétit career as our West Coast Fellow in 2012, helping educate students on social and environmental food issues as well as challenging them to change the food system. Through her work as a fellow, she became very interested in the issue of food waste, and in fall 2013 she became our first-ever waste specialist.

Claire has:

  • Worked with the Food Recovery Network (FRN), a student-run organization dedicated to recovering leftover food from college campuses to give to those in need, to support the launch of programs at Bon Appétit campuses
  • Co-authored FRN’s downloadable Guide to Food Recovery for Chefs and Managers
  • Led a companywide partnership with Feeding America (the nation’s largest hunger relief organization) to pilot its new Online Marketplace food recovery program
  • Facilitated the Chefs to End Hunger program at our cafés in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas
  • Helped get Bon Appétit cafés enrolled in the EPA’s Food Recovery Challenge
  • Written a research brief/case study on the implementation of reusable to-go containers in university food service
  • Helped Bon Appétit cafés implement a home-grown, kitchen-waste tracking program (Trim Trax 2.0)
  • and a lot more!

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