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Lower sodium (but keep the flavor) this June with this classic Hungarian dish that contains so much paprika flavor that you won’t even miss the salt. To reduce saturated fat content, remove the chicken skin prior to serving.

For this month’s Well Being Challenge, we encourage you to eat at least seven servings of fruits and vegetables and two servings of whole grains every day for one week. Visit for resources to help determine what is a standard serving of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Share your experiences by posting comments or photos of foods in proper portions on our Facebook page wall. Here’s a recipe to get you started.

The words “free range” conjure up many different images in people’s minds, the most idyllic of which includes luscious fields as far as the eye can see without any fencing to dilute the monotony of green. Unfortunately, the phrase isn’t regulated, so it more often gets slapped on chicken raised by the tens of thousands in a hangar-sized shed. But truly free range does exist — and it’s the lifestyle enjoyed by chickens on Larry Schultz Organic Farm in Owatonna, MN. Larry is one of Bon Appétit’s 1,000-plus Farm to Fork partners, supplying organic chicken to St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN.

Simply taking the time to take care of yourself and eat mindfully is calming and beneficial to your health. For this month’s Well Being Challenge, we encourage you to try eating without distractions (no computers, phones, television, etc.) once a day for one week. Share your journey of mindful eating by posting comments about your experiences or photos of meals and snacks that you ate mindfully on our Facebook page wall. Here is a recipe with stress-reducing properties to get your started on your path to mindful eating.