Sarah Anzlovar

Sarah Anzlovar

National Nutrition Project Manager

Current position: National Nutrition Project Manager, since 2015

Favorite lunch: I eat a lot of avocado and egg toast topped with arugula and Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel Seasoning – a perk of working from a home office most of the time. It’s quick, filling, and delicious!

What exactly does someone in your position do? I have my hand in a variety of projects, from helping individual teams with wellness needs to developing national nutrition programs that are implemented in accounts throughout the country. I spend a lot of time writing The Buzz and Wellness Tips columns for our blog and making sure our teams are up to date on the latest nutrition science. I also help roll out nutrition labeling on menus as well as implement customized wellness programs to meet guests’ and clients’ needs.

What do people misunderstand about your job? RDs aren’t the food police! Most of us got into this business because we love food and our goal is to help people eat delicious food that also happens to be good for you without deprivation.

Why do you look forward to coming to work? I love the people I get to work with and that my job is different every day. It’s also great to work for a company that shares many of my core values.

What word(s) best describe Bon Appétit Management Company? Progressive, creative, and fresh.

What have you learned from working here? So much! I’ve learned how the food system works and the impact that food companies like Bon Appétit can make when it comes to promoting positive change, particularly in the realm of sustainability.  My background was in corporate wellness, so I had a lot to learn when it came to account operations and how nutrition can best fit into the daily operations to offer our guests and clients the best options — and probably way more than I ever wanted to know about FDA menu labeling laws.

What’s the one thing you would tell other RDs about Bon Appétit? This is not your typical food service job. We get to work alongside world-class chefs who cook from scratch, meaning everything starts with whole foods. I certainly never had a poké bowl or house-made quinoa and beet burger in my college cafeteria – we are truly changing the face of food service, one (healthy) meal at a time.

What’s the one thing all people should know about Bon Appétit? It’s a company filled with people who are incredibly passionate about what they do. At the end of the day, we all want to serve our guests the best food possible while promoting the health of our planet and individual well-being.

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