Sam Wilder

Sam Wilder

Garden at Oracle Park Program Manager

How long have you worked at the Garden?
I started working in the Garden at Oracle Park right when the Healthy Kids in the Bon Appétit Kitchen culinary program began in January 2015.

What’s your favorite part of the job?
This is my dream job. There are many aspects of the role that I’m passionate about and enjoy. However, my favorite part of the job is inviting children to the Garden to harvest fruits and vegetables and transform them into healthy meals. Using the Garden as an outdoor classroom is the most rewarding part, and it genuinely makes me happy.

What’s one cool thing about working at Oracle Park?
I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area as a Giants fan, so it’s a dream come true to collaborate with Giants players to teach youth visiting the Garden. Last season, we hosted an epic pizza cooking party with my hero Hunter Pence!

Another cool thing about working in Oracle Park is simply the volume of people who visit the ballpark and our Garden. In one baseball game, the Garden can have more visitors than other gardens might have in a lifetime. I hope that when people see our Garden thriving in an unexpected place like a baseball stadium, it inspires visitors to start gardens of their own.

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