Jim Dodge

Jim Dodge

Director of Specialty Culinary Programs

Jim has had a wide-ranging culinary career. After growing up in the hospitality industry, he trained as a chef, became a celebrated pastry chef, published several cookbooks, and then became a culinary educator and joined the food service industry.

Since 2004 he has been Bon Appétit Management Company’s director of specialty culinary programs, based in the corporate office in Palo Alto, CA. He oversees training in specific global cuisines and techniques, hosts culinary demonstrations (like the one in this photo, for students at the University of Pennsylvania), and manages the Star Chefs program, which invites chefs to our cafés for recipe-tasting and book-signing events to help promote their new cookbooks.

Jim has published several cookbooks, including the award-winning American Baker (October 1987) and Baking with Jim Dodge (October 1991). He is a contributing editor to the revised Joy of Cooking, as well as a former contributing editor to Food & Wine, and consulting culinary editor to Cooks Illustrated. Jim has received numerous honors, including a James Beard Award for Excellence in 2005, a Gold Plate Award presented by the American Academy of Achievement in 1989, and a James Beard Cookbook Award in 1987, and making the Honor Roll of American Chefs for Food & Wine in 1983.

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