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  • News The San Francisco Chronicle

The collaboration between Traci Des Jardins and Bon Appétit Management Company was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle. Photo credit: Aubrie Pick

  • News Authority Magazine

There’s no better way to address waste than to stop it from happening in the first place. As great as it is to compost and recycle, it takes a lot of additional resources to turn wasted products into something usable (not to mention those resources that went into producing it in the first place), so prevention is always the first and best way to address waste.

  • News Thrive Global + Authority Magazine

Bon Appétit’s Chief Strategy and Brand Officer, Maisie Ganzler, talks about her career and discusses the company’s journey toward developing user-centered technology to solve sustainability problems.

  • News Eater San Francisco

Highly anticipated State Street Market, the massive new food hall in Los Altos, officially opens its doors today, September 7. It’s the first food hall of its scope and stature to land on the Peninsula, and — boasting a tech visionary, award-winning design firm, and all-star lineup of chefs — it promises to turn the tech-tony town into a dining destination fit for Silicon Valley.

  • News Food Management

While the food service industry has changed profoundly over the past 35 years, one needle hasn’t moved enough—the power structure, where more than 75% of people in management positions are white—and that needs to change.