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When the Be The Match registry of the National Bone Marrow Donor Program opened its new headquarters, it also opened an increasingly trendy local eatery. That’s because the group’s building in downtown Minneapolis includes a ground-floor restaurant called the 5th Street Station that is operated by Bon Appetit Management Co.

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Acterra, a non-profit organization in Silicon Valley dedicated to the promotion of a healthy and sustainable planet, recently awarded Bon Appétit Management Company with its prestigious annual Award for Sustainability

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Whole Foods and GAP have set a goal of switching chicken over to slower-growth breeds in eight years, and Bon Appétit Management Company has signed on to move in this direction and embrace it

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Among the perks of working in a tech company is in enjoying the food made in-house. The Marketplace at SAS is recognized alongside Dropbox, Apple, Pixar, and Facebook for food that rivals the best.

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To combat waste, Bon Appétit hired a waste specialist who doubled the amount of food recovered in her first year and announced ambitious companywide goals for food recovery by 2018.

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Silicon Valley employees chow down on tens of thousands of meals, snacks, and fancy coffees each day. But just who is preparing all this food? Most likely it’s a company you’ve probably never heard of, but a phrase you may say often: Bon Appétit.

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Plant-based products, like Hampton Creek, use much less resources than eggs do, explains Bon Appétit VP of Strategy Maisie Ganzler, who hopes that the avian flu will prompt other companies to make a change.