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  • News St. Louis Magazine

Panorama Restaurant Executive Chef Edward Farrow, speaks in museum-appropriate hushed tones. His dishes do not.

  • News Saint Louis Business Journal

Saint Louis Art Museum board reveals that Executive Chef Edward Farrow will manage the new Panorama restaurant opening inside the new $130.5 million East Building expansion.

  • News Sauce magazine

Edward Farrow will be the executive chef behind Panorama, SLAM’s restaurant in the new wing that’s named for its views, and The Café, its lower-level upscale snack and coffee bar, and will oversee all operations. He comes from Phoenix’s Musical Instrument Museum.

  • News St. Louis Post-Dispatch

No formal announcement has been made yet, but the Phoenix New Times reported that Edward Farrow is heading to St. Louis. He last served as executive chef at Café at MIM, the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix. Both eateries are operated by Bon Appétit Management Company.

  • News San Francisco Chronicle

Seaglass restaurant at the new Exploratorium defies conventions of traditional museum cafés. Food mirrors the museum’s wonder, curiosity, and education.

  • News Phoenix New Times

Get to know Executive Chef Edward Farrow, who self-describes as passionate, focused, hospitable, and patient. His culinary paths have all led to Bon Appétit Management Company’s compatible values.