Wheaton Promotes Good Health…Times 2!

Two events at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL, focused on inspiring students to make good food choices for great health.

Assistant Catering Manager Jennifer Vincent educating students on healthy fats and plant-based

First, the catering team featured the merits of healthy fats and plant-based proteins by hosting an interactive demo table complete with wholesome tastings. The culinary team prepared two infused oils — one with garlic and a second with fresh herbs — and paired them with rustic bread for dipping. They also offered samples of a salad bursting with lentils, golden beets, fresh garlic, basil, parsley, green onions, and grape tomatoes. The dressing incorporated the herb-infused olive oil. While students savored these delicious items, Bon Appétiters promoted the advantages of including healthy and flavorful fats and plant-based proteins in one’s diet.

In addition to the demo table, the café menued foods that promoted the same themes. The infused oils, for example, were available on the salad bar as an alternative to the other dressings. The taqueria station served tofu fajitas and nutrient-rich sides like beets with fresh oranges, and beans and rice. The students seemed grateful for the chance to learn something new and offered positive feedback.

In the second event, the Bon Appétit and Wheaton College teams worked together to help students recharge with a better night’s sleep. Organized by Director of Student Health Services Britt Black, RN, B.S.N., M.H.A., the program enjoyed crucial support from Wheaton’s Nurse Practitioner Beth Walsh and Bon Appétit’s Director of Nutrition and Wellness Terri Brownlee. Presenting the message that both a good night’s sleep and a balanced plate are essential for good health and well-being, the teams acknowledged the challenges posed by a busy college schedule. A display table featured optimum foods for working out and the best times to eat them, as well as foods to help students relax and promote restful sleep.

As presenters, Terri and Beth provided students with information and practical tips on eating for performance both on and off the field, and strategies for getting enough sleep despite their schedules. Students relaxed and enjoyed a hot tea bar and almond cherry chia seed bites while they interacted with the speakers. What a great way to partner for the well-being of our guests!

Submitted by Samantha Bauman, Director of Catering