Team Bon Appétit Raises Funds for Homeboy Industries

It usually takes effort to motivate people to walk in Los Angeles, let alone uphill in downtown at 8 a.m. on a Saturday. However, a group of Bon Appétit employees from ABC Riverside Café, Circle 7 Café, Vanguard University, and the Bon Appétit regional office in Anaheim, CA, were happy to take on the challenge when invited to do so by their Farm to Fork vendor Homeboy Industries, which was participating in the Every Angeleno Counts 5K Run/Walk — a combined effort of more than 2,000 participants.

Southern California  Bon Appétiters coming together to support  Homeboy Industries

Southern California Bon Appétiters coming together to support Homeboy Industries

Homeboy Industries is a renowned gang intervention, rehabilitation, and reentry program. It strives to assist previously incarcerated men and women who are seeking guidance, support, and job-training opportunities. Homeboy Industries’ bakery program has become very well known in Los Angeles. The bread and bakery items are served daily in many Southern California Bon Appétit cafés, and the Bon Appétit group has become big fans of Homeboy’s message that every life has purpose and everyone counts.

This year’s Bon Appétit participants included Regional Vice President Cary Wheeland (and his wife, Deb),District Manager Lori Flashner, Regional Marketing Director Kari Menslage, IT Field Support Manager Mario Perera, Regional Controller Samina Siddiqi, Vanguard University Assistant General Manager Jeremy Glennon (and his friend Alicia), Controller Beth Drumlake (and her husband, Daniel), the Callaway family (Beth’s relatives), and Circle 7 Café Prep/Utility Cook Bryan Roland.

The event raised more than $66,000 through registration fees from participants alone. Everyone had a great time, and they hope to recruit even more colleagues for next year.

Submitted by Beth Drumlake, Controller