Students Blog About Organics

Okay, I’ve got a favorite new blog – Organic on the Green. I discovered it while reading an early copy of the Organic Trade Association’s guide for helping students get more organic offerings in food service (which is going to be a fabulous resource when they publish it). I was contacted by an intern named Nina who is compiling the guide and also came up with the idea for this blog. I’ve never met her but I’m very impressed by her writing style, thoughtfulness, and interest in making change.

The mission of the blog is to "feed the organic revolution in campus dining." In its inaugural month, students at several colleges have posted extensive explanations of their efforts, challenges and triumphs trying to green their campuses. For someone in the business of campus dining, the posts are inspiring and informative – a fantastic peek into how students think about these issues, what’s important to them and how food service companies can better respond.  A must read!

Maisie Greenawalt, Vice President