Frankly Fascinating Sausage Tour in Denver

Submitted By Phillip Byrne, Chef/General Manager

Bagging up the finished sausages for the group

People who say that the details of sausage making are best left to the imagination have never visited an artisanal sausage factory. A few lucky Bon Appétiters got to tour Continental Sausage Company – which has been in business in Denver for 30 years producing authentic Swiss-German style sausages from the best ingredients—and they have nothing to hide.

General Manager Derek Whitney and Executive Chef Evan Symmes from Oracle – Broomfield, Executive Chef Tim Ramirez and Sous Chef Claudio Fernandez from Regis University, and Chef / General Manager Phillip Byrne from Oracle – Denver were treated to a savory tour of the factory by the company’s vice president of marketing, John Roelke. Two Bon Appétit suppliers from Agriburbia, a local farming and urban design group that promotes local food production, also attended the tour.

The group saw the entire process from whole cut to link as workers seasoned, stuffed, smoked, and packaged the goods. While working, the Continental team offered delicious samples right off the smoking line. The variety was amazing, including brats, franks, wieners, wild game sausages, smoked meats, and pastrami. And that was just the tour. Lunch followed at the Continental Deli, with all the trimmings.

For attendees, seeing the care taken every step of the way at Continental reaffirmed their commitment to offering such a high-quality and delicious product to guests.