SAP Gets Its Roll On

SAP employee Amanda Doan shows off her sushi roll after the class

Submitted By Shannon Donahue, Marketing Manager

Each quarter, Bon Appétit at SAP in Palo Alto, CA, offers a complimentary cooking class led by Café Three Chef/Manager Robert Perez. Past hands on courses have included pozole, fresh salsas, aguas frescas, and Asian spring rolls. Robert loves sharing his passion for food with others, and his classes always fill up quickly.

Robert learned about the culture and art of sushi while traveling in Japan. Because of the delicate work required for making sushi, class size was limited to 40 participants. Each guest manned his or her own station equipped with a cutting board, knife, sushi condiments, chopsticks, and a bamboo mat. In addition to instruction on kitchen and knife safety, participants learned the history of sushi and dining etiquette.

From making the perfect sushi rice and learning to slice a variety of species of fish, to forming nigiri and rolling a proper roll, guests learned firsthand the many elements necessary for authentic and delicious sushi. A freestyle rolling session resulted in lots of laughs and creative rolls.

The sushi class was an engaging team building activity for SAP coworkers, as well as an opportunity for SAP and Bon Appétit to connect in a fun way.