Phillips 66 Team Plays with Fire at National Culinary Event

Executive Chef Greg Lowry, Sous Chef Matt Lovelace, and Black Hill Meats Founder Felix Flores work together to prepare whole roasted goat over open fire

Bon Appétit chefs wear many hats — they plan menus, support efforts for local food sourcing, and even participate in national culinary events. Executive Chef Greg Lowry and Sous Chef Matt Lovelace from Phillips 66 in Houston were honored to be among a handful of acclaimed chefs invited to participate in the Heritage Fire Snowmass in Aspen, CO.

Greg and Matt were invited by Felix Flores, founder of Farm to Fork vendor Black Hill Meats in Houston. The culinary team at Phillips 66 utilizes Felix’s pasture-raised pork, beef, and lamb, and often help with whole animal butchery.

Felix and the chefs wore special t-shirts

Thousands of guests attend the Heritage Fire event each year to see and taste the best of open fire cooking. The Cochon555 national culinary tour, of which Heritage Fire is one event, was started in 2008 to help increase education about heritage pig breeds and support local farms. The event highlights no-waste nose-to-tail cooking; participating chefs prepare creative and delicious dishes designed to showcase their responsibly sourced ingredients.

On the day of, chefs work in teams to create dishes using their assigned protein. Felix, Greg, and Matt made up Team Rabbit, preparing and roasting 60 rabbits over open fire. They also cooked a whole marinated goat, later served to guests with soba noodles and cucumber salad. All of their protein came from Black Hill Meats, and they enjoyed cooking with local produce — many ingredients native to Colorado and very different from their pantry in Houston.

Guests came back for seconds and thirds of the team’s rabbit with braised butter beans and Felix’s house-made bacon. While waiting for the goat, which traditionally takes longer to cook, guests spent time chatting with the team, learning about their culinary backgrounds and home bases in Houston.

The camaraderie at this massive event was really special. “We got to know chefs from across the country, share and learn from their expertise, and come together in an unforgettable experience that’s all about the food,” said Greg.

Photos: Max Flatow Photography for Cochon555