The Life Aromatic with Brian Trykar, Executive Chef and Bill Murray Superfan

“There are two types of people in this world: Those who like Neil Diamond, and those who don’t.”
– Bill Murray as Bob Wiley in What About Bob?


Specialty Venue PR Manager Laura Braley and executive Chef Brian Trykar at the Bill Murray art show

Brian Trykar, the executive chef at a corporate Bon Appétit café in Rancho Cordova, is in fact a Neil Diamond fan. He is also a big fan of the actor Bill Murray. So much so that when a Bill Murray-themed art show was announced in San Francisco, he jumped on the opportunity to get involved in the best way he knew how — by cooking.

The exclusive one-night-only art show happened not long ago at Public Works, an event space located in the Mission district of San Francisco. Dressed as a character from The Life Aquatic, Brian served up a highly creative menu for guests of bite-size dishes inspired by some of his favorite Bill Murray movies. It was hugely popular with the crowd — almost too popular, as his table was quickly swarmed with fans (like me) who ate everything he had to offer within the first hour of the show beginning!


Brian’s Murray Bites

Highlights from Brian’s Bill Murray-themed menu:

  1. Exploding Varmint: Jerked Beef topped with popping candy
  1. Salad of Broken Flowers: Edible Flowers, micro greens, Point Reyes bleu cheese with sweet but sour vinaigrette

  1. Dynamite Jaguar Shark: Beet- and Citrus-Cured Passmore Ranch Catfish Sashimi, “blown up” with dynamite sauce
  1. Punxsutawney Phil and Will: Surf and Turf bacon and ahi tartar

  1. Baby Ruth and Stay Puft Brûlée: Baby Ruth, fleur de sel and Stay Puft marshmallow brûlée

Can you guess which Murray movie inspired each of them? Answers here.