You Are How You Eat

An interesting poll from asks its readers about an environmentalist’s food choices. Yesterday, more than 1,500 people had voted and the results were as follows:

"An environmentalist should be…"

  • a vegetarian (12%)
  • a vegan (29%)
  • mindful but not rigid about diet (47%)
  • concerned with things other than food (12%)

I just checked back today and surprisingly, the scales have tipped a bit. Of 1,760 people, 35% thought that environmentalists should be vegan and 43% thought they should be mindful but not rigid. Although my vote is included in the mindful category (everything in moderation), I’m pretty fascinated by the poll results.

No longer does "environmentalism" mean just "saving trees"; it also encompasses animal welfare, climate change, food. I think our Low Carbon Diet comes at an opportune time as more and more people connect food choices with environmental impact.

I wonder what people think dietitians should eat…I know I like to indulge in a brownie once in a while!  🙂

–Katherine Kwon, MS, RD

Communications Project Manager