Fedele takes stock of post-oil spill fisheries on CNN.com


For our company, serving sustainable seafood – specifically, seafood purchased in accordance with the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Guidelines – is a kitchen principle. Many consumers now carry Seafood Watch Pocket Guides to help them make sustainable seafood choices both at the market and at restaurants. The recent oil spill is a poignant reminder for us all to reflect on, and possibly improve upon, our commitment to sustainable seafood.

On CNN.com, BAMCO CEO Fedele Bauccio discusses the harmful activities facing global fisheries. While overfishing and the problems facing our oceans can at first be complex, Fedele offers simple steps for consumers who love to eat fish, and speaks optimistically about potential solutions:

There are indeed solutions, which include changing how and what we eat from the ocean. Important institutions and thought leaders are working to raise awareness about sustainable seafood — seafood caught using methods that do minimal harm to the ocean floor or that's farmed in environments that produce a lower environmental impact.