Future Chefs Learn from Executive Chef Mark Harris at Career Day

 by Debby Bridges, General Manager

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Reed Executive Chef Mark Harris answers Grout Elementary students' questions about being a chef

Not all kids want to be firefighters or astronauts when they grow up. Some want to be chefs — or so a group of students at Grout Elementary School in southeast Portland, OR, told Bon Appétit Executive Chef  Mark Harris when he spent Career Day with them.

Mark, who is executive chef at Reed College in Portland, was joined by a police officer, a firefighter, an engineer, a children’s book author, an opera singer, and — most surprising of all to the students — a hot-air balloon pilot. Each of the guests gave a presentation about the day-to-day activities of their jobs, so the kids would get a real-life experience of what the various professions look like.

The children listened closely as Mark talked about how he buys foods in season and balances his menus with healthy choices, but they really sat up and took notice when Mark pulled his knives and tools from his bag. Mark demonstrated how to use an apple corer and other gadgets, and the kids enjoyed learning how the different implements can make life easier for a chef.

The day ended with cookies for all — and a few changes in career plans.


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