Calling All Student Activists


Okay, I admit it, I wasn't a politically active student. I was involved in many clubs and student organizations but they were all focused on my own career development or social life. Thankfully, today's young adults are more globally-minded (maybe it's the difference between the group-focused millennial generation and my cynical gen x attitude).

Almost every week I hear from a student at a non-Bon Appetit school trying to "green" their college's dining hall. I suggest questions they can respectfully ask their food service provider but tread a fine line as, out of professional courtesy, I don't want to be seen as stepping on another food company's toes.

The Organic Trade Association must be getting the same inquiries I am so they've come up with a great answer. Through the Organic Agriculture and Products Education Institute they've released the "nation’s first guide for students who want to bring organic dining to campus." It's a fantastic resource with strategies, tips and examples of inspiring success stories. While the title focuses on "organics," it's really a how-to guide for any student interested in sustainability. 

So, if you're a more active student than I was and wondering how to have a fruitful conversation with your food service provider or what role you can play in making change on your campus, here's a great place to start. 

– Maisie Greenawalt, Vice President