Brown University Celebrates New Culinary Partnership


The Brown University campus

With its rich history as the seventh oldest college in the United States — and an Ivy League school at that — Brown University is clearly doing many things right.

And as its frequent appearance on Best Campus Food lists attests, food is among the areas in which it has always shone. But just as students are taught to push boundaries in pursuing excellence, this Providence, RI–based institution decided to up the ante even further as it recently welcomed Bon Appétit as its new food service partner. A primary focus for the new partnership is helping Brown Dining employees grow and develop their professional skills. The small Bon Appétit team is also working with Brown Dining to expand the sustainable, seasonally focused food program and to enhance the menu offerings at retail locations and within the catering program.

Founded in 1764, Brown draws 6,200 undergraduates, 2,000 graduate students, and 490 medical students from all 50 states and 115 countries to its vibrant urban campus.  To begin, the new Bon Appétit partnership has focused their efforts on breakfast, lunch, and dinner service at Sharpe Refectory and Verney-Woolley, Brown’s two large, all you-care-to-eat locations, and have recently begun to turn their attention to the 11 retail cafés as well  All told, the team expects to serve 2.4 million meals at Brown this year!

The first set of renovations to the Sharpe Refectory, completed over the summer, included adding new serving lines and refreshing the menu’s overall presentation. A second renovation phase that was completed over the winter break included expanding the café into the dining room with a new salad bar, pizza station, and deli.

The Brown community has warmly welcomed the changes. Students have been particularly vocal about praising the many vegan and vegetarian options and have been overheard exclaiming, “I love the food!” and “Everything looks so pretty!” Bon Appétiters are thrilled with the feedback and their new place in this prestigious, diverse academic landscape.

Submitted by Ty Paup, Director of Culinary Operations