Kudos for Our Kosher Dining Operations!

For Jewish college students following a kosher diet, meal times on campus can be daunting – unless they attend Washington University in St. Louis, MO, or Goucher College, in Baltimore, MD. These universities were ranked Nos. 1 and 3 by College Prowler as offering the best kosher dining options, and since College Prowler’s rankings are created “for students, by students,” prospective students can trust that these schools have got them covered.

Preparing kosher food is not a simple proposition. The meat, milk, and eggs of certain animals are permitted, while others are forbidden. Another set of rules dictate how an animal must be killed and which parts can be eaten. Meat and dairy are never combined; separate utensils must be used for serving, and in strict Kosher communities, separate dishwashers are even used to clean the meat and dairy dishes. Because of the complex nature of keeping Kosher, all Kosher food must be certified Kosher by a rabbi or Kosher supervision organization.

At Wash U, kosher options are available at most of the dining locations, including prepacked to-go options for students on the run, and Shabbat dinners are held every Friday. At Goucher, the full kosher meal plan includes lunch and dinner every day, kosher-for-Passover meals, and Shabbat dinner after Friday services.

Congratulations to these schools for their leadership in kosher dining! And to the students. we say, Be’teiavon – Hebrew for “bon appétit”!