Denison Delivers Healthy Cooking Skills

Executive Chef Jonathan O’Carroll teaches Denison students how to prepare simple, healthful meals

Denison Dining recently hosted a kitchen takeover series for the Denison senior class.

The 20 attendees learned nutrition, cooking, and wellness techniques they can use during their senior year at the Granville, OH, campus — and beyond.

In a recent installment, Executive Chef Jonathan O’Carroll gave a short talk, then led an interactive cooking session in which he demonstrated proper knife skills and taught the students how to cook a healthful meal using chicken breasts. Past topics, such as mother sauces, drew inspiration from the Cooking Is an Art and a Science program. Additional subjects — how to make a sweet potato cheesecake, how to cook for Valentine’s Day — are slated for the coming months. The students have had a blast, and they’re thrilled that more kitchen takeover sessions will be offered throughout the year!

Submitted by Kaity Vorbroker, Human Resources Administrative Assistant