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RWU’s food services provider, Bon Appétit Management Company, has created an annual Low Carbon Diet Day in conjunction with Earth Day since 2008 — the first in the industry to address how food choices affect the shifting atmosphere. This year guests at the Upper Commons and at other Bon Appétit cafés across the United States will get a real taste of how climate change is already endangering certain beloved food crops.

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This year, Bon Appétit Management Company featured a carbon-friendly almond-fruit smoothie, cheeseless pizza, and edamame burger with carrot-peel topping. The production of almond milk generates far fewer greenhouse gases than cow’s milk, regardless of locale.

  • News Environmental Leader

Bon Appétit Management Company is among several corporations with sustainability initiatives for Earth Day. Its 500-plus cafés into culinary classrooms addressing food choices and climate change with invited corporate guests from across the U.S.

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This delicious smoothie recipe uses almond milk from California almonds, one of the few perennial crops that are likely to experience slight yield increases as a result of climate change’s rising temperatures. Nondairy alternatives to high-carbon cow’s milk are highlighted strongly on Low Carbon Diet Day.

  • News WTOC

Students at the Savannah College of Art and Design learn how the changing atmosphere affects the food they eat through Bon Appétit Management Company’s sixth annual Low-Carbon Diet Day, which also celebrates Earth Day.

  • News ABC 7 News

USF students celebrate Earth Day with delicious cheeseless pizza made by Bon Appétit Management Company chefs, who also explain the effect of climate change on wheat and the effect of cheese (cows) on climate change.

  • News Oregon Public Broadcasting

On college campuses across the country, Bon Appétit Management Company’s Low Carbon Diet Day shows students how to maximize taste while minimizing waste and other environmental impacts.

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For its annual Low Carbon Diet Day, held on Earth Day, Bon Appétit Management Company will turn its more than 500 cafés into culinary classrooms to deliver climate change information. This year’s theme, Your Lunch is Heating Up!, will examine how crops such as corn, wheat, rice, fruit, dairy and coffee will fare in a changing climate.