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Peace Coffee is a Fair Trade, sustainably grown and distributed coffee company — and a staple of Twin Cities coffee culture. I visited Peace Coffee on my own when I first began my fellowship, and I was thrilled to bring a group of students from my alma mater, Macalester College, along for another tour this past summer — via bike! Minneapolis is a great place to live in so many ways. One that’s dear to me is its “bike highway, the Midtown Greenway. This bike and pedestrian highway was conceptualized pre-2000, and was built on the Midtown Greenway Corridor — a section of land previously used as a railway. About half of our Macalester group biked with me via the Greenway, and the other half of the group took public transit, which was generously subsidized by the Sustainability Office during their appointed […]

The genesis story of Bon Appétit supplier Peace Coffee is an impeccable example of how important and rewarding it can be to follow a product all the way back to its beginnings.