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In addition to getting access to the freshest, most flavorful local ingredients, one of the perks that Bon Appétit chefs enjoy through the Farm to Fork program is the chance to get out and visit their suppliers. With RI Mushroom Company recently coming on board, it was only a matter of time before everyone wanted to check it out. Manager of Strategic Initiatives Nicole Tocco Cardwell joined a group of chefs and managers from Brown University (both Bon Appétit and Brown Dining culinary team members) and Roger Williams University for a trip to the mushroom mother lode in West Kingston, RI. The company’s owners, Mike Hallock and Bob DiPietro (“Chef Bob”), met at a farmers’ market about four years ago, and started growing mushrooms in an 8-by-8-foot room in the basement of nearby Sweet Berry Farm and selling them at […]

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Fellow Amanda Wareham takes a group of Lawrence University students to tour one of the farms that supply the school’s milk and is reminded of why she and Bon Appétit are passionate about supporting small-scale farmers.

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You would never guess that an old jail would make for an ideal site for a grain mill. But the abandoned Skowhegan prison has proven to be the perfect place for Maine Grains, a certified organic mill in Central Maine and a new addition to Bon Appétit’s Farm to Fork roster.

Peace Coffee is a Fair Trade, sustainably grown and distributed coffee company — and a staple of Twin Cities coffee culture. I visited Peace Coffee on my own when I first began my fellowship, and I was thrilled to bring a group of students from my alma mater, Macalester College, along for another tour this past summer — via bike! Minneapolis is a great place to live in so many ways. One that’s dear to me is its “bike highway, the Midtown Greenway. This bike and pedestrian highway was conceptualized pre-2000, and was built on the Midtown Greenway Corridor — a section of land previously used as a railway. About half of our Macalester group biked with me via the Greenway, and the other half of the group took public transit, which was generously subsidized by the Sustainability Office during their appointed […]

The genesis story of Bon Appétit supplier Peace Coffee is an impeccable example of how important and rewarding it can be to follow a product all the way back to its beginnings.