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After growing up in Nebraska, the land of corn and cattle, I didn’t hear the term “sustainability” until I enrolled at Willamette University in Salem, OR, in 2006. And not until my sophomore year did I really connect the need for sustainability to the food system.

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Even though Café Target is on the second floor of the Target Headquarters office towers in Minneapolis, it has the freshest herbs growing onsite — thanks to a customized vertical planting wall.

A spotlight on Emmanuel College Chef/Manager Peter Fernandes, one of our employees who started at the entry level then worked his way up to a managerial/chef position. “I tell everyone that even though they might be starting in the dishroom, they can still learn something. Just stand next to someone and ask them to show you what they’re doing, or if they don’t have time to show you, ask if you can watch,” explains Peter.

By Rebecca Repp, Bon Appétit Director of Catering and Brand Programs at Regis University in Denver. I met Scott Richter, Bon Appétit general manager and executive chef at WhiteWave Foods in Broomfield, CO, a few summers ago when we were opening the Regis University account. This summer we married, joining the ranks of those who met their life partners at Bon Appétit. A value we share with Bon Appétit and each other is volunteering, so we decided to share our honeymoon — or post-wedding adventure — with my new stepchildren, Brook and Avry, by volunteering in Nicaragua.

Editor’s Note: Midwest Fellow S.K. Piper’s two-year stint has come to an end, and we are happy to announce that she will be remaining with Bon Appétit Management Company as our sustainability manager at Denison University. Please welcome the new BAMCO Foundation Midwest Fellow and the BAMCO blog’s newest contributor, Alyse Festenstein!

Farm to Fork took on a whole new meaning — and a much shorter distance—this spring and summer at Regis University in Denver, as gardens planted and tended by Bon Appétit staff members yielded bounties for the kitchen.

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Bon Appétit employees at Emmanuel College in Boston, MA, form a veritable United Nations of passion and talent. Our location brings us a diverse group of team members from Lebanon, Guinea, Bosnia, Cape Verde, Haiti, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Somalia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Honduras, El Salvador, and Kenya. What’s truly astounding is how many of this diverse group of people have found a true home, and not just a job, at Bon Appétit.